Colin Ford Award

Colin Ford award (small)An award instituted in 2003, which bears the name of Colin Ford, the first Director of the National Museum of Photography Film & Television in Bradford (now The National Media Museum). One award will normally be given each year to honour an individual who has contributed in a major way to curatorship.

2003 Paul Goodman, Brian Liddy, Dr Amanda Nevill HonFRPS, Russell Roberts
2004 Professor Raymond P Clark ASIS HonFRPSJohn R Page HonFRPS
2005 Philippa Wright
2006 Jane Fletcher
2007 Gregory Hobson
2008 Toni Booth
2009 Pete James
2010 John Falconer
2011 Dr Dusan Stulik & Art Kaplan
2012 Stephen Perloff
2013 Dr Claude W Sui
2014 Dr Sophie Gordon