Davies Medal

Instituted In 1998, the Davies Medal is awarded for a significant contribution in the digital field of imaging science. This medal is sponsored by Kodak European Research and Development in memory of Dr E R Davies, a former Research Director of their Harrow Laboratories. The Award is intended to last for twenty years from 1998.

1998 Kai Krause
1999 Dr Michael Kriss
2000 Stephen Watt-Smith
2001 Professor David Whittaker
2002 Dr Ghassan Alusi
2003 Professor M Ronnier Luo
2004 Dr Peter Burns
2005 Dr David Saunders
2006 Professor Lindsay MacDonald
2007 Professor Mark D Fairchild
2008 Professor Stephen Westland
2009 Professor Graham D Finlayson
2010 Dr Mark Lythgoe
2011 Dr Phil Green
2012 Dr Sophie Triantaphillidou ASIS FRPS
2013 Dr John D Meyer
2014 Peter Lawrence