Fenton Medal

This award, established in 1980, is named after Roger Fenton, one of The Society’s founders and then for several years its Honorary Secretary. The award is made to a member or non-member who has made an outstanding contribution to the work of The Royal Photographic Society. Usually, no more than three or four Fenton Medals are awarded each year.  Since 1998 this award carries Honorary Membership of The Society.

1980 E J Moorfoot, R Boyes, K Warr
1981 C Morris
1982 E Nicholson
1983 L Bowcock, Sir George and Lady Pollock, Eve Ritscher
1984 Sam Welford
1985 John Bardsley
1986 R J Cox
1987 J D J Cole, R H Mason, G Smith
1988 R Brightman, Herbert Dennis
1989 David Dearnley, Pat Hallett, Prof M Harker, E Pothecary
1990 Arthur Downes
1991 Anne Bolt, Barry Mead
1992 Peter Wilkinson, Desmond Groves, Kay Gordon, David Nellist
1993 Edward Bowman, Hilary Graves, Matheson Beaumont
1994 Margaret Hodge, Mervyn Leonardo de Calcina-Goff
1995 Gustav Ahrens, Colin Balls, H S Fry
1996/7 Brian Bower, Dr Michael R Pointer, Anthony J Waterlow
1998 Dr Michael Austin, Tony Hilton, Tan Lip Seng
1999 Dr Peter Agius, Dr Akira Aoki, David Tay Poey Cher
2000 Joan Wakelin, Jon Richardson
2001 John Long, Ossie Morris, Bill Wisden
2002 Bryn Campbell, Roger Reynolds, Dr Michael Christianson, Roy Green
2003 Jane H Black, Ron Frampton, Robert F Moore, Jerry Wooldridge
2004 Andy Callow, D H O John, Keith Lawrey, Dr A Sethna
2005 Sandy Cleland FRPS, Richard Sadler FRPS, Margaret Salisbury FRPS,
Keith Suddaby FRPS
2006 Andy Golding, Professor Mark Haworth-Booth Hon FRPS,
Alan Millward FRPS, Tony Troman ARPS
2007 Carol Agar, John Hankin LRPS, Dr Robin Jenkin ARPS, Brian Steptoe FRPS,
Tony Wharton FRPS
2008 John Chamberlin FRPS, Peter Sephton Coles FRPS, Tom Dodd FRPS,
John Page HonFRPS
2009 Sara Beaugeard, Robert F Rowe, Nicholas J Scott, Roger Tooth,
Jeff Vickers MBE
2010 Ian Bailey LRPS, Julian Comrie FRPS, Professor Ralph Jacobson ASIS
HonFRPS, David J Wood ARPS
2011 Des Clinton FRPS, Jim Moreland FRPS, Professor Francis Ring ASIS FRPS,
Dr Barry Senior Hon FRPS
2012 Philip Ellis ASIS FRPS, Dr Michael Hallett FRPS, Jack Jackson FRPS,
Ray Spence FRPS
2013 Dr Afzal Ansary ASIS FRPS, Alan Elliott ARPS, Dawn Osborne FRPS,
Dr Tim Rudman FRPS
2014 Andy Finney, Sue Harper, Jenny Leathes ARPS, Robert Tapper ISIS FRPS