Selwyn Award

This award, sponsored by The Imaging Science Group of The Society, was introduced in 1994 in memory of E W H Selwyn, an eminent photographic scientist who was the recipient of the Progress Medal in 1971 and the Williamson Research Award of The Society in 1936. This award is intended for those under the age of 35 years who have conducted successful science based research connected with imaging.

1994       Dr J R Palmer

1995       Dr A Clarke

1996/7    Andrew Fitz

1998       Dr Adrian Ford

1999       Juliet Rason

2000       Sophie Triantaphillidou

2001       Dr Serguei Endrikhovski

2002       Dr Robin Jenkin

2003       Dr Ján Morovic

2004       Efthimia Bilissi

2005       Elizabeth Allen

2006       Dr James Sharpe

2007       Christien J Merrifield

2008       Dr Vien Cheung

2009       Iris Sprow

2010       Agnieszka Bialek

2011       Dr Toby P Breckon

2012       Anna Fricker

2013       Yi-Ren Ng