Members' Biennial 2017

01 February 2017

Region: Headquarters

We are delighted to announce the members who have work selected for the Members' Biennial 2017. The exhibition will open at the Shire Hall Gallery, Stafford, 4 - 26 March. Our congratulations go to: 

Clare Acford FRPS
Victor Attfield FRPS
Fred Barrington ARPS
Alexander Berndt ARPS
Levon Biss FRPS
Dominic Byrne ARPS
Martin Castellan    
John Chamberlin FRPS
Lawrence Cheung ARPS
Susan Clark LRPS
Peter Clark FRPS
Alastair Cochrane FRPS
Paul Colley ARPS
Francis Cox    
Andrew Crawford LRPS
David Creedon ARPS
Jane Dagnall LRPS
Peter Delehar ARPS
Richard Draper    
Michael Durham FRPS
Richard Earney ARPS
Philip Field ARPS
Giacomo Fierro LRPS
Jon Fishback ARPS
Roger Ford FRPS
Caroline Fraser ARPS
Sarah Hanley ARPS
Avery Holland    
John Holt ARPS
Peter Humphrey ARPS
Stephen Jackson    
John Jennings LRPS
Neil Johansson LRPS
Shaun Johnson LRPS
Paul Kay FRPS
David Lingham FRPS
Paul Mann ARPS
Boguslaw Maslak    
Kate Maxwell    
Barry Mead FRPS
Steven Meekins    
Tessa Mills FRPS
Francis Minien ARPS
John Miskelly ARPS
Yuliana Mulvany ARPS
Becky Mursell    
Richard Nicoll ARPS
Nadja Niemann LRPS
Bharat Patel ARPS
Pauline Pentony ARPS
Mark Phillips ARPS
Kathryn Polley LRPS
David Poole ARPS
Matthew Richardson    
Hugh Rooney ARPS
Gurinder Sandhu    
Lee Sau Yan Jackson    
John Scully LRPS
Sanjoy Sengupta    
Jamie Simpson ARPS
Ray Spence FRPS
Simon Stafford ARPS
Julia Thorne    
Stuart Tooley LRPS
Michelle Whitmore ARPS
Steven Whittaker ARPS
Andrew Williams LRPS
Ronald Williams LRPS
Andrew Wood LRPS
Linda Wride  ARPS

We would like to thank the selection panel Steve Smith FRPS, Tony Bramley FRPS, Maria Falconer FRPS, Andre du Plessis FRPS and photographer/Editor of Digital Camera Magazine Benedict Brain ARPS for their time and expertise selecting the work for this years' exhibition.

The Gold, Silver and Bronze winners selected by world renowned photographer Joe McNally FRPS, will be announced soon. The exhibition will also include work from several of The Society's Honorary Fellows.

Find out more about the exhibition at: 

Image: © Andrew Wood LRPS. Tribesman. Omo Valley, Ethiopia

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kalyan kr mallick
06 March 2017

very beautyfull photography

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09 February 2017

Well done all winners .. Just for curiosity sake and also a way of getting feedback , is there any way , if images accepted via a points system , is there a way of finding out what points members got if they requested them ? If so I would certainly very much appreciate that info .. Karen Smalley

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