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Monopoly Day 16

Bleeding London continues its way around the Monopoly board and today lands on those unpleasant tax squares.

Added by Region: London on 14 Aug 2014


The "Beneath the Games Umbrella" is on at The Greenwich Gallery, Linear House, Peyton Place, London SE10 8RS from the 20th August to the 3rd September 2014.

Added by Region: London on 14 Aug 2014

Monopoly Day 15

Today Bleeding London is seeking the second of its utilities – the Electric Company.

Added by Region: London on 13 Aug 2014

The Glorious Twelfth

We’re celebrating the Glorious Twelfth in Bleeding London today.

Added by Region: London on 12 Aug 2014

I Spy … W

I Spy in Bleeding London today – streets beginning with W.

Added by Region: London on 11 Aug 2014

Wellcome Image Awards 2015

Entries are being accepted for the Wellcome Image Awards 2015.

Added by SIG: Medical on 11 Aug 2014
Taking a Photo

Digging for Data

Have you ever wanted to be recognised as a trend-setter? Do you consider yourself to be a dedicated follower of fashion as illustrated by the photographs you post on the web? Maybe you don't, but other people might think so.

Added by Region: Headquarters on 11 Aug 2014

Monopoly Day 14

Bleeding London is looking for the first of its utilities today – Water Works.

Added by Region: London on 10 Aug 2014

Success for Travel Group Member

Travel Group Member's image selected for the 157th International Print Exhibition.

Added by SIG: Travel on 10 Aug 2014

Monopoly Day 13

A tricky task today in Bleeding London – we’re looking for Free Parking.

Added by Region: London on 09 Aug 2014