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Enrich the lives of travellers, tourists, workers and bees

The Bee Friendly Trust is working with local communities to install planters full of beautiful bee friendly flowers on railway and surface tube station in London

Added by Region: London on 22 Jan 2016

December 2015 Favourite. From Mount Pilatus by Hans Abplanalp ARPS

From Mount Pilatus by Hans Abplanalp ARPS

Added by Chapter: Switzerland on 21 Jan 2016

Tarantino’s Telluride blood-spilling

Visually sumptuous and rare, filmed on 65mm film stock on Panavision cameras with Anamorphic lenses once used to film parts of Ben Hur. How fortunate we are in London still to have a cinema able to project 70mm film. I even got to visit the projector as a special treat.

Added by Region: London on 20 Jan 2016

Events at the IWM

Four upcoming events at the Imperial War Museum London of interest to photographers

Added by SIG: Documentary on 20 Jan 2016

Thank You to Tony Cooper and the Western Region Committee

Thank you Tony Cooper and the Western Region Committee

Added by Region: Western on 18 Jan 2016

Bringing your photos to a New Public

Has the law that protects your photos on the web subtly changed ... and does it matter?

Added by Region: Headquarters on 18 Jan 2016

Free guided photography days offered

Members of the Landscape special interest group are offered free guiding around good landscape locations on the south coast of England.

Added by SIG: Landscape on 18 Jan 2016

The Monday Muse Week 20

The latest weekly amusement from RPS London. This week, our muse is “antique and vintage”.

Added by Region: London on 18 Jan 2016

London Update

On Thursday evening, the London Region held its AGM and launched its next initiative - Breathing London.

Added by Region: London on 16 Jan 2016

Contemporary North West Meeting

Regular meeting of North West Contemporary Group

Added by SIG: Contemporary North West on 15 Jan 2016