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Novotny and Alvis: The origins of fundus fluorescein angiography

Diagnosing eye conditions using medical photography has, for many years, been reliant upon fundus fluorescein angiography. This technique combines injected sodium fluorescein dye, filter combinations, flash photography and, until recently, ‘pushed’ (extended) development.

Added by SIG: Medical on 10 Sep 2015

DSLR Video Shooting

"I've just read the DSLR Video article and found it really helpful. No one at my Camera Club had been able to advise me on video so I learned the hard way!"
Royal Photographic Society

Added by SIG: Travel on 10 Sep 2015

Heritage Open Days 2015

Photographers, take your pick! England’s biggest heritage festival kicks off with hundreds of new events at some of the country’s most iconic buildings. Families can join archaeological excavations in Oxford, strut their stuff at a silent disco on Hastings Pier or learn to clog dance in Blackburn.

Added by SIG: Archaeology and Heritage on 10 Sep 2015

Psephocracy, Democracy and McSophistry

Continuing our series of stories behind the image.

In our latest Story Behind the Image, London RO Del Barrett ARPS shares one of her daily pics.

Added by Region: London on 10 Sep 2015

Travis Hodges: The Quantified Self

Do you count? For his latest project, London based photographer Travis Hodges explores the world of personal data tracking, uncovering the lives of those who are ‘self-tracking for self-improvement’.

Added by Region: London on 09 Sep 2015

Amateur Photographer features film and darkroom in 24 page supplement

Amateur Photographer features film and darkroom in 24 page supplement

Added by SIG: Analogue on 09 Sep 2015

Ancient Heritage Sites with John McDermott

Interview with award-winning photographer John McDermott about heritage photography in Angkor Wat

Added by SIG: Archaeology and Heritage on 09 Sep 2015

Baron Guillaume Dupuytren: The Beast of the Seine

The “beast” was one of many derogatory names given to Baron Guillaume Dupuytren (1777–1835), an outstanding French surgeon and pathologist whose name was given to at least 19 different surgical techniques that he invented.

Added by SIG: Medical on 09 Sep 2015

East Midlands latest enews

Events and News from The East Midlands Region

Added by Region: East Midlands on 08 Sep 2015

Nature Photography in the Emirates

Enthusiastic amateur photographers may wonder on the possibilities for Natural History photography here in the Emirates. The conclusion could possibly be……. it’s a desert, therefore flora and fauna would be hard to find. Fair enough, that could be logical to some extent. But the desert interestingly presents a great diversity of life and scope for nature photography. A selection of nature images by members of Shutter Bugs Creative Forum highlights this fact.

Added by Chapter: Dubai on 08 Sep 2015