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Capital Letter - March

Latest version of Capital Letter available for download

Added by Region: London on 08 Mar 2015

Home thoughts from a camera

As a recent entrant into the joys of videography, going to the BVExpo last week was like putting a schoolboy into a sweet shop ...

Added by Region: London on 07 Mar 2015

The 1958 RPS Pictorial Group exhibition in Russia

In 1958 the RPS Pictorial Group exhibition was shown in Moscow and Leningrad at the height of the Cold War.

Added by Region: Headquarters on 07 Mar 2015

Graham Saxby

Graham Saxby, who has died aged 89, was one of the great holography educators whose ‘Practical Holography’, which he revised over 3 editions to incorporate all the latest developments since it was first published in 1988, is certain to remain the standard work on the subject for years to come. He produced journalism on a wide range of topics and his publications include The Focal Guide to Slides and The Science of Imaging.

Added by Region: London on 07 Mar 2015

Another Fellow in the Family

Hazel Frost shows us that anything her husband can do she can do ... at least as well.

Added by SIG: Travel on 07 Mar 2015

Author's Pick - Orford Road

It's Friday, so it's author's pick!

Added by Region: London on 06 Mar 2015

Living the Dream - Through Iceland

A childhood dream realised.

Added by SIG: Travel on 06 Mar 2015

Next Street Workshop - 14th March

Sign up for the next London, Street workshop

Added by Region: London on 05 Mar 2015

Impromptu Event - Let's finish N4

Impromptu meet next Monday to finish N4

Added by Region: London on 04 Mar 2015

Lightroom Workshops

We've added three Lightroom workshops to our events calendar

Added by Region: London on 03 Mar 2015