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Successful FRPS Distinction portfolios.

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Applied Photography: 

 FRPS Duncan Grove
Duncan Grove

FRPS Maz Mashru
Maz Mashru

FRPS Yap Kok Hing 2
Yap Kok Hing
 FRPS Andre Du Plessis
Andre du Plessis

FRPS Kevin Wilson
Kevin Wilson

FRPS Paul Walker
Paul Walker

FRPS Claudia Xiaoli Lee
Claudia Xiaoli Lee

FRPS Prabhakar Kusuma
Prabhakar Kusuma

FRPS Emma Delves-Broughton
Emma Delves-Broughton

Conceptual and Contemporary Photography:

FRPS Olivio Argenti
Olivio Argenti

FRPS Richard Brayshaw
Richard Brayshaw

FRPS Maria Falconer
Maria Falconer

FRPS Jo Teasdale
Jo Teasdale
FRPS Tony Bramley
Tony Bramley

FRPS Daan Olivier
Daan Olivier

Fine Art Photography:

FRPS Peter Humphrey
Peter Humphrey

FRPS Robert Gibbons
Robert Gibbons

FRPS Da-Wei Jiao
Da-Wei Jiao

FRPS Eion Johnston
Eion Johnston

FRPS Susan Hendrick
Susan Hendrick
FRPS Catkaling
FRPS Richard Tickner
Richard Tickner

FRPS Alastair Cochrane
Alastair Cochrane

FRPS Suzanne Trower
Suzanne Trower

FRPS Richard Earney
Richard Earney

FRPS Margaret Rainey
Margaret Rainey

FRPS Iñaki Hernández-Lasa
Iñaki Hernández-Lasa

FRPS Ria Mishaal
Ria Mishaal Cooke
FRPS Kyle Tallett
Kyle Tallett
FRPS Peter Stevens
Peter Stevens



Max Robinson - Night Train to Kazan

Natural History Photography:

FRPS Jill Pakenham
Jill Pakenham

FRPS Mike Rowe
Mike Rowe

FRPS Kevin Elsby
Kevin Elsby

FRPS Moira Gardner
Moira Gardner


Travel Photography: 

 FRPS Dr James Frost
Dr James Frost
FRPS Yap Kok Hing
Yap Kok Hing

FRPS Steve Smith
Steve Smith

 FRPS Hazel Frost
Hazel Frost
FRPS Max Robinson
Max Robinson

Applicants discuss their experience of the Distinctions process: