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A selection of successful FRPS Distinction portfolios by our Members that you can view and comment on.

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FRPS - Galleries (by category)


FRPS Olivio Argenti
Olivio Argenti
FRPS Richard Brayshaw
Richard Brayshaw

Natural History:

FRPS Jill Pakenham
Jill Pakenham
FRPS Mick Durham
Mick Durham

FRPS Kevin Elsby
Kevin Elsby

Professional and Applied:

FRPS Donal McCann
Donal McCann
FRPS Paul Walker
Paul Walker

FRPS Dawn McKeown
Dawn McKeown

 FRPS Duncan Grove
Duncan Grove



 FRPS Dr James Frost
Dr James Frost
FRPS Yap Kok Hing
Yap Kok Hing

FRPS Steve Smith
Steve Smith

Visual Art:

 FRPS Neil Scott
Neil Scott

FRPS Clare Acford
Clare Acford

 FRPS Karl Schrader
Karl Schrader

FRPS John Humphreys
John Humphrey

FRPS Mark Mumford
Mark Mumford

FRPS Veronica Barrett
Veronica Barrett

 FRPS Derek Galon
Derek Galon
FRPS Viveca Koh
Viveca Koh
 FRPS Hazel Marr
Hazel Marr


FRPS - Films

Below: Dawn McKeown FRPS - Award Winner 2012 - Fellowship of the Year.