You submit written rather than photographic work for the Research category.

A Research Distinction gives applicants the chance to develop and share knowledge about aspects of photography. You can use images to illustrate it and the submission could be a website, an essay or an academic paper.

Work is usually scholarly in nature, the Panel has identified a number of popular categories for submissions:

  • The application of photography in education
  • Research on a photographer who merits a biographical treatment
  • Aspects of the history of photography
  • The use of photography to access history
  • The conservation and restoration of photographs and photographic materials
  • Photography as an aid to conservation
  • Curatorial accomplishments such as archival content management or photographic exhibitions.

Below you will find the guidelines for applying for a Research qualification.

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Research - Guidelines

Research Photography Guidelines

May 2019
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Research - Application Form

Research Application Form

May 2019
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REAP RPS Journal December 2014


From Volume 154, Number 11 of The RPS Journal December 2014

Do you want to write about images? Then a Research Distinction could be for you.

Dec 2014
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