Step 1: Applying

This step walks you through how to submit your initial application for an LRPS, ARPS or FRPS. It also includes all the forms and other information you need.

We recommend applying for a Distinction in the following order:


  1. Download the relevant PDF Distinction Guidelines below and see if you feel you could meet the submission criteria - all applicants MUST read the respective guidelines.  Printed copies are available on request.
  2. Decide what format you would like to submit your images for assessment: Prints, Digital Projected Images (DPIs), Book, Multimedia or a Dissertation. Digital images are not accepted at FRPS level.  Choose one of the following only i.e. I will apply for an ARPS in book format with 30 images:

    10 images
    15 images
    20 images
    10 images
    15 images
    Books 20 images
    30 images
    40 images
    Multimedia 8-12 minutes
    12-18 minutes 18-25 minutes
    Dissertation  ✓
  3. If you are applying for an ARPS or FRPS you may choose to submit your work in one of the following specialist categories:
    • Conceptual and Contemporary – This category is about what you want your work to say on a topic, rather than what the topic is (concept).
    • Multimedia – This encompasses Audio Visual, Moving Image and Multimedia including Interactive Multimedia.
    • Natural History – This includes zoology, botany, meteorology, astronomy and palaeontology. Manipulation that alters the truth of image of any kind is not permissible.
    • Applied – Incorporates Documentary, Portraiture, Record, Theatrical, Visual Journalism and Wedding photography.
    • Travel – anything that records an impression of a time and place. Environmental portraits, architecture, landscape, street life and still life. If it identifies a location, event or show, it qualifies as photographic travel.
    • Visual Art (from 2015 will be Creative and Pictorial) – This is wide ranging and has very little restriction about the subject matter. Panel members are looking for personal vision or style which should convey a sense of design.
  4. If you are unsure if your work meets the required LRPS, ARPS or FRPS standard, you may decide to attend an Advisory day, prior to booking your Assessment, for advice.  You can find information on Advisory days in Step 2 and can book them via our Events page.
  5. If you are happy you can produce a relevant body of work to the required standard, check the Distinctions Events page for Assessment dates and book on one that suits you (contact LRPS = £55 members/£60 non-members, ARPS = £85 members/£90 non-members, FRPS = £125 members.
  6. Send in your completed Application Form (downloadable below).  At this stage you will receive confirmation of your booking and information on how to submit your work (including information for any guests attending the Assessment with you).

    Once you have completed the above steps move onto Step 2 - Preparing Your Portfolio
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LRPS - Guidelines

All the information you need to submit your LRPS portfolio for assessment.

Oct 2014
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LRPS - Application Form

Please download and fill in to apply for an LRPS assessment.

Oct 2014
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ARPS - Guidelines

All the information you need to submit your ARPS portfolio for assessment.

Oct 2014
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