Step 2: Preparation

Useful information to give you the tools towards achieving your Distinction. This section includes information about Advisory days, online advice and guidance on preparing your portfolio of work from successful applicants.

Now you have your Assessment date it is time to start preparing your portfolio (selection of pictures).  Please follow the instructions in the relevant Distinction Handbook carefully on what you need to submit (you can find a PDF version in Step 1), as work that doesn't follow the outlined criteria may be disqualified. 

Advisory Days for LRPS and ARPS

If you would like guidance or reassurance about your portfolio, you may decide to attend an Advisory day before your Assessment.  An Advisory day is a chance to meet with Panel judges (some of whom may be evaluating your work at the actual Assessment) in a more informal way. They will offer you advice and constructive criticism about the portfolio of work you are hoping to put forward and suggestions about suitable selection, how your work should be displayed at the Assessment etc.  You can find listings for Advisory days in your Region in the Events section of the website.  Observers are welcome to attend.

Fellowship Advisory Days

Advisory days for prospective Fellows of The Society are normally held three times a year in different parts of the UK, limited to 12 participants and have no additional audience. They are open to anyone eligible to submit an application for FRPS, i.e. current ARPS members of The Society and current Fellows of the BIPP. Two specially selected advisors, with the appropriate skills and experience, give advice on these days which follow a similar format to those held for LRPS and ARPS. Visit Events to find available dates.

Online advice and guidance is also available (members only) prior to assessment, for those who are unable to attend an Advisory day.


Below you will find features from members who have successfully applied for Distinctions outlining their experiences and preparation for the process.  These are intended to help provide inspiration if you are having difficulty with your submission.  Please note: these will not convey the impact or quality of the original submission.

If you are still struggling with any aspect of Assessment at this point, please contact our Distinctions team who will be happy to help.


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Anne Rogers LRPS

LRPS - Anne Roger LRPS

From Issue 140 of Visual Art Magazine Winter 2010/11

Anne Rogers LRPS explains the practical issues of preparing a panel of work.

Sep 2013
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Helena Berney

LRPS - Helena Berney LRPS

From Issue 53 of DIGIT Magazine Spring 2012

Helena Berney LRPS describes how she obtained her LRPS distinction.

Sep 2013
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Elizabeth Restall

ARPS - Elizabeth Restall ARPS

From Issue 4 of DIGIT Magazine 2012

Elizabeth Restall ARPS on her beautiful architectural Distinction.

Sep 2013
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