Step 3: Assessment

People often ask what actually happens at the Assessment days. This section demystifies and guides you through the on-the-day process.



We start all LRPS and ARPS assessments at 10am unless otherwise stated. Your submission must arrive at RPS House at least 14 days prior to the assessment date (this deadline also applies to digital image submissions).

When you arrive, you will be seated in a room with many other applicants and their guests.  Here individual portfolios of work will be displayed systematically and anonymously at the front of the room throughout the day (see picture above).  Panel members discuss each body of work in turn in front of the audience.  Once they have come to a decision the Chairperson will then provide feedback about the portfolio - this feedback is helpful as it gives both successful and unsuccessful entrants pointers on how to move forward with their work.  If your application is successful you will be congratulated, if not then the room will be told why the portfolio was unsuccessful this time (you will remain anonymous).  It is a friendly and supportive environment, with all those taking part willing other applicants through.


Unlike LRPS and ARPS assessments, FRPS portfolios are reviewed without an audience or the person who has submitted the work in attendance - this allows for a totally open debate on each submission.  Accordingly, all portfolios must arrive at RPS House at least 14 days before the assessment.

Fellowship is a two stage assessment.  The specialist Panel Members make the recommendations to the Fellowship Board, who then make the final recommendations to the RPS Board of Trustees. More information on this procedure can be found in the FRPS guidelines.


If you are unsuccessful - don't worry as you can re-apply.  You will be sent feedback after the event to help you when you submit a revised portfolio at a later date. 

If you are successful - congratulations!  You will receive a confirmation letter along with a certificate and lapel badge within ten working days. You can also now use the letters LRPS, ARPS or FRPS after your name and our crest on your personal portfolio website.

The very best of luck with your application!