DIG Thames Valley: Photo Medley with Colin Trow-Poole FRPS, FIPF, MPAGB

26 April 2015

10:00 - 15:30

Wokingham, Berkshire
Woosehill Community Hall
Emmview Close
United Kingdom
RG41 3DA

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Colin's Biography: My interest in photography spans more than forty years and although it encompasses a number of genre’s my affection for the simple distillation of images, particularly those with strong narrative power is one that remains constant irrespective of the photos I am taking.

Often the subjects I photograph already have a strong story telling/documentary element, but by selectively composing, sensitively using lighting and carefully controlling tonal gradations, visual dialogue can be enhanced resulting in a more evocative and thought provoking final image.
Although I’m not exclusively a monochrome worker, I do enjoy the simplicity that the black and white image affords. I believe that when colour is removed the focus is shifted, distractions are minimized and viewers impressions are altered. It was the genius Ansel Adams who said that â  a great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels in the deepest sense of what is being photographed and this is as true today as it ever was.
Like many photographers my creative origins stem from the darkroom and it was here that I began to understand the richly nuanced language the monochrome print. As with any form of communication this is a language that needs to be learnt and practiced before it can be mastered. Once proficient, many photographers attempt to develop their own signature style and it is this that ultimately separates them from their contemporaries. Proficiency in itself however, is no guarantee to a success, and many accomplished photographers drift into a comfort zone which ultimately leads to them failing to find their true voice.
For me, whether I am printing in colour or monochrome I enjoy natural lighting and have a penchant for hard aggressive printing. Many of the photos I take are simple narrative vignettes which offer a window into the lives, livelihoods and environments of the people I photograph. I enjoy photographing abstract images, abandonment, dereliction and unconventional groups. I try to dovetail the subject matter with an adopted photographic style, chosen paper and print presentation. I work in panels and produce congruent and thematic bodies of work. I firmly believe that a photograph can hold just as much as we are prepared to put into it.
I am not keen on pigeon holing my photography but I would concede that perhaps I tend to work in the the areas that would loosely be regarded as visual art, contemporary and documentary sections of photography..

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Free tea, coffee and biscuits throughout the day. Bring a pack lunch

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PARKING: There is no parking at the Community Hall itself, except for speakers and judges, those disabled or anyone bringing heavy equipment to an event. Parking is in zones A and B of the Morrisons car park, accessed via Fernlea Drive - 200 metres beyond Emmview Close, and just after the entrance to Morrisons. For those using SatNav, the postcode for Morrisons is RG41 3SW, and for Fernlea Drive it is RG41 3DR.

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