Lighting up Faces with Richard Tucker ARPS - Guernsey

24 June 2017

10:00 - 16:00

Castel Douzaine Room, Guernsey
Les Beaucamps
United Kingdom

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Non RPS Member£55.00 
RPS Member£45.00 
Group Member£40.00 

Portrait photography is not simply about getting the right exposure and pointing a camera at a face. The best portraits reveal something about the sitter rather than just being an image of that person. In taking portraits we have all the variables at our command to really paint with light, to find the character within a face and bring out the nature of the person.

Starting with an overview of portrait styles this will be a day of working together, using light both natural and artificial, discovering how to light up faces. It will be a creative day for the highly experienced and the absolute beginner.

Participants will work in small groups, photographing each other in turn with a variety of situations. The objective is to take time to analyse the effect of light on a face, control that light as far as possible, and then decide on which variables of the camera to use. At the end of the workshop there will be a chance to view some of the results.

(Suggestion: participants work on their photographs and submit their best results to the local RPS organisation - digital or print - for viewing at a later date.)

What to bring:

  • A camera, DSLR or compact, -or analogue if preferred - with a lens in the range of 50mm to 100m or a zoom which covers that range.
  • Tripod .
  • Flash with diffuser - less essential and to be used sparingly.
  • An appropriate card reader to transfer a few pictures to a computer for projection.
  • If the weather is likely to be bad, bring an umbrella.
  • Please bring at least one hat, a scarf or shawl, a bit of colourful costume (jacket/shirt) preferably things with a pattern or texture which will work in black/white as well as colour. Use your imagination.



A selection of freshly made sandwiches will be available if ordered at least 7 days in advance, at cost of approximately £5 - £8. Plus tea, coffee and cold drink refreshments.

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Accompanying event:

Please see separate details for Advisory Day at the same venue taking place the following day. Booking and further details here 


Richard Tucker ARPS

Started earning money from photography in 1963 with the Yorkshire Post, after four years in the Merchant Navy; which had changed a childhood hobby into a passion. From 1966 he worked mainly in educational film and television with the University of Bristol Drama Department, the Scottish Film Council and then as Director of Educational and Information Technology at the Netherlands Institute for Audiovisual Media. In 1992 he changed to working with blind people in the Netherlands and then in Africa and the Russian Federation. Photography became a new tool to record projects and raise funds.

Retirement in 2007 and a move to Switzerland revived the passion for photography. There he organises the Swiss Chapter of the RPS and helped set up a local photographic club. Photography is now a mix of occasional contracts and personal projects. He has had solo exhibitions in France, the Netherlands and Switzerland and joint exhibitions in Switzerland and Japan.

He is a Trustee and member of Council of the RPS.

Cancellation policy

Please inform The Society as early as possible if you have to cancel your attendance. We are unable to refund your payment less than fourteen days beforehand. Accompanying event: Please see separate details for Advisory Day at the same venue taking place the following day.

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