NW Digital Imaging Centre Meeting: Viveca Koh FRPS giving 2 talks.

06 May 2018

10:00 - 16:00

Hough End Centre
Mauldeth Road West
United Kingdom
M21 7SX

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For this meeting we are privileged to have Viveca Koh FRPS who will be giving two talks 'Urban Exploration to Fine Art: A Photographic Journey' in the morning , and 'From iPhonegraphy to Fellowship: My continuing Journey' after lunch.

This is the first visit to the North West of this popular speaker on Fine Art photography

Viveca’s first presentation encompasses her photographic development over the past few years, which has progressed at a fairly rapid rate following an albeit slightly slower but life-long love and practise of photography. She discovered Urban Exploration in 2009, and this led to a series of visits to abandoned mental asylums and hospitals, where she spent much time taking photographs and showing these online via the photo-sharing website Flickr. It was there that she received much positive feedback and encouragement, and gradually developed her technique and post-processing style, which led to her submitting a panel of ten photographs to The RPS for a Licentiateship Distinction, which was attained in April 2010. She began experimenting with texture overlays in her work and gradually developed a different style of photography, which in turn led to a collection of images based around what remains when people leave a building for the last time. This became her successful Associateship panel ‘Left Behind’ with the RPS in June 2011. Over this period her work has moved towards a very artistic and painterly style, which is why she now refers to what she does as Fine Art Photography. This presentation is not so much about attaining Distinctions from the RPS, although she does touch on the process during the talk, but more about how she has developed in terms of style and maturity of vision over the past few years. There will be plenty of photographs, tales of Urban Exploration and the attendant thrills and spills that are a part of this activity, and even something which may or may not be a ghost!


Viveca’s second presentation follows on from her first. Here she will discuss her use of an iPhone to take photographs, leading up to the separate challenge of attaining Fellowship with The RPS, using illustrations from a book of poetry and prose entitled ‘Star Blossom’, in which her images become more abstract and in some cases a little surreal, utilising multiple layers, textures and double exposures, whilst using the written words as inspiration. The use of camera phones is on the rise, as the quality of cameras integrated into these devices improves exponentially, and this happened to coincide with her quest to find a new way to express herself from a photographic perspective. In early 2012 she purchased an iPhone based specifically on reviews enumerating the high quality of the camera, and also on the volume of available photography apps for shooting and processing photographs. During this time she experimented with the phone camera, almost to the exclusion of her DSLR, and shot many photographs in the square format that she has always loved but using lo-fi/creative camera apps. Also in 2012 she was also commissioned to create photo illustrations for a book of poetry and prose written by her uncle Fergus Chadwick, who saw some of her previously published Blurb books and wanted the same for his latest work. The images from this book formed the basis of her FRPS panel, and she will discuss this Distinction in the talk.

She will be displaying her ARPS print panel in the morning, and FRPS print panel in the afternoon.

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