Member Showcase

  • Church at Vik

    by Steve Williams ARPS

  • Untitled

    by David Tay FRPS

  • Clevedon Pier No.1

    by Nicki Gwynn Jones FRPS

At the RPS Headquarters in Bath we have a small reception area for displaying members’ work. Each month a member, group, region or chapter showcases around 30 prints and has an article in the Journal, which all members receive.

2016 Exhibitors: 

Jan - Feb  
Nigel Tooby FRPS
March   Ron Callender FRPS
April   Neil Harris ARPS
May   Brian Iddon LRPS 
June   John Chamberlin FRPS
July   Mohammad Soroush
Aug   Digital Imaging Group (DIG)
Sept   Michael Hallett ASICI FRPS
Oct   Travel Group
Nov   Juliet Chenery-Robson
Dec/Jan   Bharat Patel ARPS

The reception space is now fully booked until 2017.

2015 Exhibitors:

White Mars, Living on Planet Concordia
White Mars, Living on Planet Concordia

Jan - Feb   Susan Brown FRPS
March  Jill Pakenham FRPS
April  Keith Evans FRPS
May  Visual Art Group
June  Joanie Fan FRPS
July  Bharat Patel ARPS
August  Shirley Hollis ARPS
September  Zhi Guang Ju FRPS
October Gordon James FRPS, Peter Brisley ARPS, Tony Cooper ARPS
November Richard Revels FRPS
December Analogue Group

Opening hours: Monday - Friday, 9am - 4.30pm (Closed Bank Holidays)
The exhibition changes on the last week day of the month and will be closed to visitors during this time. Address: The RPS, Fenton House, 122 Wells Road, Bath, BA2 3AH

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Bamburgh Castle by David Hall ARPS

Analogue Group

From December 2015 of The RPS Journal

Dr Afzal Ansary ASIS FRPS reports on a resurgence in traditional techniques

Dec 2015
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Retired Snake Charmer by Bharat Patel ARPS

Bharat Patel ARPS

From July 2015 of The RPS Journal

Bharat Patel ARPS discusses his captivating images of Indian nomads.

Jul 2015
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John Pollard

John Pollard FRPS

From August 2014 of The RPS Journal

Australian Member John Pollard FRPS made regular trips to Paris in the 1950s and 1960s where he captured these images.

Aug 2014
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Bob Pearson FRPS

Bob Pearson FRPS

From June 2014 of The RPS Journal

Bob Pearson FRPS on his large scales images from Namibia.

Jun 2014
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