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From wrestling to reptile blood, you will definitely discover something new in our archive of exhibitions. Take a look and be inspired to develop your photography and enter one of our future competitions. You could appear in this collection in years to come!


Fox Boy by Margaret Salisbury

International Print Exhibition

Having a print selected for the International Print Exhibition offers great exposure for photographers just starting out in their careers as well as professionals, and gives enthusiasts well deserved recognition. If you would like the chance to be part of a touring show, submit work to the next competition and you could become part of the world’s longest running print exhibition!

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Fibonaccis Series on Butter by Martin Oeggerli

International Images for Science

Packed with intriguing and awe inspiring imagery, the biennial International Images for Science Exhibition showcases the vast range of applications of photography within modern-day science, presenting the many different areas where scientists rely on photography to record, measure and use the resulting images to illustrate their research papers and publications.

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Card School by Mike Sharples

International Images for Screen

The International Images for Screen Exhibition celebrates photography and image work from across the globe. Recognised by the Photographic Society of America (PSA) successful entrants can count their acceptances for the purpose of PSA stars and honours.

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San Francisco December 2006 by Paul Morris

Members Biennial

RPS members have the chance to showcase their photographic work online and in print in this free, biennial exhibition. Nearly 9,000 images were entered by over 1,000 RPS members worldwide for the 2013 Members Biennial which toured the UK until April 2014.

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The Beginning by Junjuerdee Chaiyasith

Celebrate a Summer of Sport

The RPS celebrated the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games with an international online photography competition - Celebrate a Summer of Sport, which was awarded the London 2012 'Inspire Mark'. Split into two stages, Sport for All and Spirit of the Games ran between Apr-Sept 2012 to encourage people worldwide to record all aspects of sport and play in their countries and communities.

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Clifton Cameras (revised)