International Images for Science 2013

  • Weevil Found on Front Porch Doormat 2012

    by Daniel Kariko

  • Spiral Planetary Nebula 2012

    by Robert Gendler

  • The Doliolid, Doliolum Nationalis 2012

    by Richard Kirby

Showcasing an extraordinary variety of scientific photography, this exhibition explores worlds we can only imagine, or that are used as tools in everyday life in medicine, engineering and other related fields. These images will inform, question and inspire.

Open to both members and non-members worldwide, images were chosen by an expert panel of scientific photographers and scientists. The final 100 images include photographs made by scientists for their research, as well as photographs made by scientific photographers to record science. Together they represent many, but still only a small fraction of applications of diverse photographic techniques currently in use.

These incredible images range from far-away galaxies to subatomic particles, using specialist imaging techniques such as ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR), time lapse and high speed, electron microscopy, thermography, macro and photomicrography, phase contrast microscopy and schlieren photography.

“This exhibition is a stunning, colourful, visual feast. What is particularly exciting is that the images highlight the crucial role that photography continues to play in modern science, illustrating the work of scientists and as an essential research tool. This year’s exhibition is outstanding in the breadth of subjects and the quality of work shown”. Dr. Afzal Ansary ASIS FRPS – Exhibition Co-ordinator

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The International Images for Science Exhibition 2013 is in partnership with the
Science and Technology Facilities Council

The Society would like to thank the following organisations for sponsoring the exhibition:

The British Institute of Professional Photography
Science Photo Library
The Wellcome Trust
Creativity Backgrounds
Towergate Camerasure
Loxley Colour Lab
Paul Graham Imaging Specialists

For further details, and enquiries about showing the exhibition contact:

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Images for Science

Journal Feature on the Images for Science Exhibition

From October 2013 The RPS Journal

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Sep 2013
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