The Society exists to promote the art and science of photography and to help everyone at whatever level to improve their skills and to appreciate good photography.




We run many workshops and lectures around the country offering something for everyone, from those just starting out in photography to industry professionals.

Finding a workshop or lecture→
Picture copyright John Roe

Learning Zone

Interact with other photographers, learn tips and tricks, look at other peoples work for inspiration and learn how you can move forward with your work.

Learning Zone→
Jakarta Burger King by Oliver Wood

Project Funding

Have a fantastic photography project in mind but just can't afford to fund it? Then this section, which outlines details of our bursaries, is for you.

Downloadable bursary forms→
Picture copyright Paul Debois

Teaching Aids

Are you an educational practitioner? If so, you will find useful teaching tools in this section.

Downloadable teaching resources→
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Claire Pepper

”The Society bursary gave me the support and resources I needed to launch my career in photography“

Claire Pepper ARPS

”None of this would have been possible without the support of the RPS bursary... I’m very excited to continue the project and my exploration of the space where documentary photography and environmental activism overlap.“

James Morgan