Acceptances PI Comp (Creative) 2016 for DIG

Welcome to the Work House by Adrian Lines ARPS.jpg

The Straw Hat by Pat Frewin LRPS.jpg

Concealment by Pauline Pentony ARPS.jpg

Cloud Dancer by Pauline Pentony ARPS.jpg

In The Wars by Adrian Lines ARPS.jpg

The Reader by Andy Swain.jpg

Apple Half by Valentina Kulagina ARPS.jpg

A Childs Prayer by Ray Grace ARPS.jpg

A Country Barn by Paul OFlanagan LRPS.jpg

A Time To Live And A Time To Die by Ann Cole LRPS.jpg

After School Gothic by Mike Franks.jpg

Alien Abduction by Gerald Wells.jpg

Allegory Of The International Banking Crisis by Alan Cork LRPS.jpg

Alone by Gwynn Robinson FRPS.jpg

Angel by Jeanne Bradban LRPS.jpg

As Time Goes By by Robert Edwards LRPS.jpg

Autumn And Winter by Chris Wilkes Ciudad ARPS.jpg

Autumn by Stephen Salmon ARPS.jpg

Basenji Portrait by Eileen Sutherland LRPS.jpg

Battlefield by Brian Mccarthy LRPS.jpg

Behind the Door by Mike Franks.jpg

Birds Eye View by Len Claydon ARPS.jpg

Birley Church Bradford by Alan Sutton.jpg

Brotherhood by Janet Russell LRPS.jpg

Catching the Wind by Graham Blackwell ARPS.jpg

City Walk by Tom Bowett FRPS.jpg

Clearing the Snow by Tom Bowett FRPS.jpg

Clowing Around by Janet Russell LRPS.jpg

Competition Biscuits by Ann Cole LRPS.jpg

Cowgirl by Eric Begbie LRPS.jpg

Dancer by Mike Bennett LRPS.jpg

Delivering The Circles by Colin Harrison FRPS.jpg

Dillon by Ray Grace ARPS.jpg

Distant Memories by Ann Shaw LRPS.jpg

Early Morning Wait by Norma Phillips LRPS.jpg

Ex Machina by William Hogg ARPS.jpg

Fallen Lantern by Maria Leekblade LRPS.jpg

Festival Dog by Eileen Sutherland LRPS.jpg

Flight of Fancy by Sheila Haycox ARPS.jpg

Flower Bird by Nancy Macarthur ARPS.jpg

Flowers Of The Field by Judy Knights LRPS.jpg

Fork Fusion by James Mahon.jpg

From the Archive by Gerry Adcock ARPS.jpg

Glass Kaleidoscope 6 by Melvin Frewin LRPS.jpg

Guildhall London by Derek Love.jpg

Homage a Degas II by Lilian Lingwood.jpg

Hoverfly Landing On Globe Thistle by Alan Cork LRPS.jpg

If I Could Give You The Moon by Paul Nash.jpg

Invasion Of The Petrol Pumps by Colin Harrison FRPS.jpg

Journeys End by Eric Begbie LRPS.jpg

Lady Of The Nigh by Arthur Nash LRPS.jpg

Landscape Tapestry by Paul OFlanagan LRPS.jpg

Last Light by Eileen Wilkinson LRPS.jpg

Lips by Ian Ledgard LRPS.jpg

London Fashion Week by Dave Whenham LRPS.jpg

Longboard Dust Cloud by Mike Franks.jpg

Love In by Ian Mcdougall LRPS.jpg

Magenta Magic by Ann Belcher.jpg

Misty Moody At Morston by John Wigmore FRPS.jpg

Moonlight Antics by Jose Ann Shackleton ARPS.jpg

Moonrise With Swallows by SB Paul Mccullagh ARPS.jpg

Mount Stewart by Tom Forrest ARPS.jpg

Moving On by Marion Rapier ARPS.jpg

Multiple Strikes by John Wigmore FRPS.jpg

Mute SWan by Ernest Eaton LRPS.jpg

Night Riders to The Rescue by John Elvin LRPS.jpg

On Golden Pond by David Whenham LRPS.jpg

One Spoon oF Sugar by Martin Eves LRPS.jpg

Out on the Moor by Karen Berry FRPS.jpg

Painted Desert by Karen Berry FRPS.jpg

Palpitations by Janet Lee.jpg

Pandoras Box by Mike Bennett LRPS.jpg

Petals by Brian Haggerty LRPS.jpg

Race You by Graham Blackwell ARPS.jpg

Riders of The Storm by Adrian Lines ARPS.jpg

Sad Look by Colin Harrison FRPS.jpg

Sailijng The Clyde by Alan Sutton.jpg

Sakura by Maria Leekblade LRPS.jpg

Servitude by Janet Russell LRPS.jpg

Sleep After Salvador Dali by Barrie Macjannette.jpg

Still Life with Garlic by Alan Dedman.jpg

Stormy Passage by John Wigmore FRPS.jpg

Stroll Thru Apparel LTD by Douglas Watson LRPS.jpg

Sylvette by Derek Collis LRPS.jpg

Teddy Bears Picnic by Brian Maccarthy LRPS.jpg

Temple of Commerce 1 by Ruth Bourne LRPS.jpg

Temple of Commerce 2 by Ruth Bourne LRPS.jpg

The Angel of the North Lunar Fantasy by Edmond Bridant ARPS.jpg

The Aviator by Janet Russell LRPS.jpg

The Coachman by Tom Forrest ARPS.jpg

The Devil In Me by Gwynn Robinson FRPS.jpg

The Futility Of War by Peter Spring ARPS.jpg

The Ghost Of The Castle by Lagos Nagy Rom.jpg

The Glory Of The Past Beauty by Valentina Kulagina ARPS.jpg

The GReat Escape by Roger Hinton LRPS.jpg

The Joker by Len Claydon ARPS.jpg

The Marmalade Factory by Ann Cole LRPS.jpg

The Model by Jonathan Vaines.jpg

The Scream by William Hogg ARPS.jpg

The Seeker by John Cooke ARPS.jpg

The Shelter by Les Spitz ARPS.jpg

The Spritual Birth by Janet Haines ARPS Neth.jpg

Thou Shalt Have A Fishie by Richard Hainsworth LRPS.jpg

Top of Steps by Karen Berry FRPS.jpg

Tree At Dawn_500 by Ian Wilkinson LRPS.jpg

Twighlight Zone by Pat Frewin LRPS.jpg

Vision In Pink by Colin Harrison FRPS.jpg

Welcome to The Machine by Glyn Paton LRPS.jpg

Where Do You Want This One by David Taylor LRPS.jpg

Whirling Dervish by Janet Lee.jpg

Wildflower Meadow by Valerie Walker ARPS.jpg

Winter by Stephen Salmon ARPS.jpg

Wont Get Fooled Again by Andy Swain.jpg

Wood Nymphs by Douglas Watson LRPS.jpg

Yellow Brick Road by Len Claydon ARPS.jpg

Zeus And Hera After Fox Hunt by Derek Love.jpg

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