Acceptances PI Comp (Open) 2016 for DIG

Jet Ski Turn by Sheila Haycox ARPS.jpg

A Red Squirrels Leap of Faith by John Boyd LRPS.jpg

Bleak Power by Jayne Winter ARPS.jpg

Contemplation by Glen Parker LRPS.jpg

Leaning By The Lampost by John Holt ARPS.jpg

On Their Way To Sell Baskets by Ashish Chalapuram Ind.jpg

Raging Storm by John Cooke ARPS.jpg

8 Shades of Rimmel by Marilyn Taylor ARPS.jpg

A Bleak Outlook by Roger Hinton LRPS.jpg

A Little Owl Feeding Offspring by Micheal Boyd LRPS.jpg

A Sense Of Perspection by Mike Franks.jpg

A Snowy Walk byJohn Hoskins ARPS.jpg

A Wistful Look by Carl Mason ARPS.jpg

Across Lines by Dr Seshikanth Middela LRPS.jpg

African Maiden by Joe Houghton Ire.jpg

All Lines Lead To Me by Dr Seshikanth Middela LRPS.jpg

Alone by Paul Radden LRPS.jpg

Annie from the Musical by Fiona Senior FRPS.jpg

Approaching Sand by Ton Van Der Laan Neth.jpg

Ardvreck Castle by Ian Tully ARPS.jpg

Art Deco Staircase De La Warr Pavilion by Dr Andy Hooker FRPS.jpg

Art Imitating Life by Glen Parker LRPS.jpg

Artic Evening Light by Jean Evans ARPS.jpg

Astonishment by Lagos Nagy Rom.jpg

At The Crack Of Dawn by Paul OFlanagan LRPS.jpg

At THe Fair by Andre Bergmans Neth.jpg

Autumn River by Jayne Winter ARPS.jpg

Awaiting Action by Fiona Senior FRPS.jpg

Bath Time For Little Owls by Graham Whistler FRPS.jpg

Bath Time On The Ganges by Roy Morris ARPS.jpg

Beachweed by Kevin James.jpg

Beaten Up Beetle by Margaret Roberts.jpg

Behind The Veil by Philip Barker ARPS.jpg

Between A Rock And A Hard Place by Sue Trower ARPS Jer.jpg

Billy Vunipola by Graham Johnston ARPS.jpg

Bird Storm by Valentna Kulagina ARPS.jpg

Blue by Pauline Pentony ARPS.jpg

Brede Landscape by Les Welton LRPS.jpg

Brighton West Pier by Godfray Guilbert.jpg

Bunker Shot by Robert Davies LRPS.jpg

Busy Doing Nothing by Philip Barker ARPS.jpg

But Its Raining Outside by Paul Clarke ARPS.jpg

Calder In Chicago by Les Spitz ARPS.jpg

Camargue Round Up by Maureen Martin LRPS.jpg

Camargue Stallions Play Fighting in Water by John Hallam ARPS.jpg

Canyon Lines by Rosemary Wilman HonFRPS.jpg

Cast Offs by Jayne Winter ARPS.jpg

Chaffinch Feeding Young by Martin Eves LRPS.jpg

Chain Of Life by Dr John Bishop.jpg

Charles White by Alex Milne ARPS.jpg

Chateau DAzay Le Rideau by Norman Wiles LRPS.jpg

Checking The Timetable by Bob Bishop LRPS.jpg

Cheetahs At The Waterhole by John Shaw ARPS.jpg

Chinese Nets At Dusk by Glyn Paton LRPS.jpg

Concentration by John Hankin LRPS.jpg

Conception by Martin Eves LRPS.jpg

Contemplation by Doug Morehead LRPS.jpg

Conundrum 2 by John Hoskins ARPS.jpg

Cottage Window by Ruth Nicholls LRPS.jpg

Crossing A Swollen Mara by Pamela Lane ARPS.jpg

Crowned Eagle by Joe Houghton Ire.jpg

Cuthona Kanga Nudibranch by Wendy Eve ARPS.jpg

Daisies by Amanda Peglitsis.jpg

Dawn at the Bullytrees by David Turnbull.jpg

Defenceless by Paul Radden LRPS.jpg

Derwent Water by Suzanne Parsons LRPS.jpg

Diva by Janet Haines ARPS Neth.jpg

Dmack by Paul Duckhouse LRPS.jpg

Down But Not Out by Chris Sidney.jpg

Driving Past The Bus Stop by Deborah Degge ARPS.jpg

Dunstanburgh Castle by Graham Johnston ARPS.jpg

Duo by Dr William Campbell ARPS.jpg

Easter Cave Malaysia by Chris Howes FRPS.jpg

Elegant Pose by Roger Parry ARPS.jpg

Elgol by Fiona Senior FRPS.jpg

Emerging From The Haze by Kathryn Phillips LRPS.jpg

Evening Rest by Mike Grigsby LRPS.jpg

Falling Water by Margaret Mitchell.jpg

Fast Food Delivery by Barrie Brown LRPS.jpg

Fenland Sunset by Ernest Eaton LRPS.jpg

Figure Study by Stephen R Womack LRPS.jpg

Final Fence by Derek Stratton.jpg

Finishing Touch by Dr Colin Close LRPS.jpg

Flashman In Anger by John Warden.jpg

Foggy Walk To Work by Janice Payne ARPS.jpg

Foreign Invader Shetland In The New Forest by Gemma Burden.jpg

Friends by Gerry Adcock ARPS.jpg

Full Gas by Andrew Williams LRPS.jpg

Gallery of Photography in Dublin by Rex Waywood.jpg

Gannet In Flight 2 by David ONeill LRPS.jpg

Gannet In Flight by David ONeill LRPS.jpg

Gannets Courtship by Dr Mahendra Bhatia LRPS.jpg

Gannets Pairing by Dr Mahendra Bhatia LRPS.jpg

Gentoo Amongst Kings by Pamela Lane ARPS.jpg

Girl With The Pearl Earring by Frank Reeder LRPS.jpg

Glencoe by John Westwood.jpg

Go Go Wiggo And Co by Eddy Lane ARPS.jpg

Going Up by Rosemary Wilman HonFRPS.jpg

Grape Hyacinths by Paula Davies FRPS.jpg

Gratton Woods by Helen Renouf.jpg

Green Winged Orchid Orchis Morio by Janice Payne ARPS.jpg

Hamar Girl At Initiation Ceremony by Neil Harris ARPS.jpg

Hello Baby by Sian Davies LRPS.jpg

Herdwick Sheep by Chris Wilkes Ciudad ARPS.jpg

Hit For Four by Martyn Addison Smith.jpg

Hoverfly by Barry Willcock LRPS.jpg

Hunting Buzzard by John Hankin LRPS.jpg

Hurricane Imminent in Solent by Dr Niall Ferguson LRPS.jpg

Ice Cyclist by Neil Harris ARPS.jpg

Its Bad News by Carl Mason ARPS.jpg

Japanese Macaque preening by Ray Hems LRPS.jpg

Juvenile Black Crowned Night Heron by Brian Walker ARPS.jpg

Kaffir Lily Sunrise by Andrew Williams LRPS.jpg

Kicking Up The Sand by Martin Ridout LRPS.jpg

Kirkjufell Mountain Iceland by Michael Parrott LRPS.jpg

Kittiwake Family by Alan Bousfield ARPS.jpg

Lamp by Robert Palmer ARPS.jpg

Leading The Way by Maureen Martin LRPS.jpg

Lights In The Forest by Lagos Nagy Rom.jpg

Living on Thin Ice by Sue Blythe.jpg

Lone Tree by David Stephenson ARPS.jpg

Looking Back by Margaret Roberts.jpg

Mara Lioness In The Rain by Gill Peachey LRPS.jpg

Mara River by John Hallam ARPS.jpg

Marbled White by Stan Stubbs LRPS.jpg

Marys Shell by Jenny Baker.jpg

Mausoleum Of Moulay Ismail by Brian Law ARPS.jpg

Melee by Brian Law ARPS.jpg

Merlin And Prey by Ronnie Inglis LRPS.jpg

Mid Day Shadows by Rosemary Wilman HonFRPS.jpg

Misty Island by Mervyn Edwards LRPS.jpg

Mode Gakuen Tower Rob Kershaw ARPS.jpg

Monarch Of The Mist by Ian Tully ARPS.jpg

Moonlight Over Vestrahorn by Sian Davies LRPS.jpg

Morning Cloud by Godfray Guilbert.jpg

Morning Clouds by Ton Van Der Laan Neth.jpg

Morning Over Tsarevets by Dan Bachmann.jpg

Morris Man by Chris Sidney.jpg

Mucky Job by Philip Barker ARPS.jpg

Mystical Magic by Sue Trower ARPS.jpg

Nduna by Joe Houghton Ire.jpg

New Building Wall Amble by Peter Downs LRPS.jpg

No Escape by Stephen R Womack LRPS.jpg

Norfolk Hawker by Mary Pipkin ARPS.jpg

Oblivious by Karen Berry FRPS.jpg

Old Mill Worker by Stan Stubbs LRPS.jpg

On Pointe by Dr William Campbell ARPS.jpg

On The Edge by Sue Trower ARPS.jpg

One Man And His Dog by Maureen Martin LRPS.jpg

Osprey With Brown Trout by Micheal Boyd LRPS.jpg

Over The Edge by Ronnie Inglis LRPS.jpg

Patrouille de France by Dr Niall Ferguson LRPS.jpg

Pause For Thought by Kathryn Phillips LRPS.jpg

Peregrine Falcon by Ronnie Inglis LRPS.jpg

Polar Bear In Flames Ice Crystals Reflecting Sunlight by John Hallam ARPS.jpg

Polo Action 1 by John Hankin LRPS.jpg

Polo Action 2 by John Hankin LRPS.jpg

Poppy by Ernest Eaton LRPS.jpg

Power of the Sea by Peter Stevens ARPS.jpg

Puffins Lunga by Steve Hallam LRPS.jpg

Punk Girl by Ian Mcdougall LRPS.jpg

Puppy Love by Martin Ridout LRPS.jpg

Race Strategy by Sheila Haycox ARPS.jpg

Railway Driver by Helen Renouf.jpg

Raising Her Game by Marilyn Steward ARPS.jpg

Rannoch Winter Morning by Ian Tully ARPS.jpg

Red Arrows Rolling by Andrew Hayes ARPS.jpg

Red Crown Crane Courtship dance by Ray Hems LRPS.jpg

Red Fushia by Pat Brennan LRPS.jpg

Red Squirrel by David ONeill LRPS.jpg

Red Squirrel by Jonathan Gunn LRPS.jpg

Red Squirrel by Martin Eves LRPS.jpg

Renovation Required by Dr Barry Senior HonFRPS.jpg

Request Stop by Cliff Marsh LRPS.jpg

Resplendent Plumage by Gill Peachey LRPS.jpg

Retired by Tom Lloyd ARPS.jpg

Sally Lightfoot Galapagos by Pamela Lane ARPS.jpg

Saltburn Surfer by Chas Hockin LRPS.jpg

Sand Eels For Luch by Sue Blythe.jpg

Sarah by Norma Phillips LRPS.jpg

Sea Eagles fighting for food by Ray Hems LRPS.jpg

Silhouettes At Sunrise by Sue Blythe.jpg

Silverback Gorilla by Maurice Ford LRPS.jpg

Smalls Jazz Club by Dr Andre Meyer Vitali.jpg

Smell the Chase by David Taylor LRPS.jpg

Southwark View by Dan Bachmann.jpg

Spiral Staircase St Johns College by John Bull LRPS.jpg

Spiral Stairway by Robin Hall.jpg

Spirit Of Ecstasy by Roger Parry ARPS.jpg

Storm Force by John Holt ARPS.jpg

Street Scene Varanasi by Jean Warwick ARPS.jpg

Summer In Alberta by Malcolm Mcbeath ARPS.jpg

Surface Tension by Mike Grigsby LRPS.jpg

Sweet Chestnut by David Baker.jpg

Swim London by Marilyn Steward ARPS.jpg

Sydney Opera House by Night by David Flectcher LRPS.jpg

Tango Flamenco by Derek Love.jpg

The Catch by Brian Walker ARPS.jpg

The Driver by Roger Hinton LRPS.jpg

The Fellsman on Ribblehead by Peter Jarvis LRPS.jpg

The Flower Seller by Norma Phillips LRPS.jpg

The Intruder by Terry Turner.jpg

The Lighthouse by Sue Blythe.jpg

The Man in the Merkato by Marilyn Taylor ARPS.jpg

The Old Trunk by Roger Norton LRPS.jpg

The Other Self by Sue Hutton LRPS.jpg

The Potter by Ashish Chalapuram Ind.jpg

The Rokeby Venus Recreation by Bruce Broughton Tompkins.jpg

The Sitter by Ian Mcdougall LRPS.jpg

The Thief by Carol Hudson LRPS.jpg

The Train Driver by Glen Parker LRPS.jpg

The Waiting Game by Dr Brian Mitchell.jpg

The White Cottage by Maurice Ford LRPS.jpg

Three Trees Under Storm Clouds by Glen Parker LRPS.jpg

Tigress With Cub by Robert Davies LRPS.jpg

Time For A Wash by Barrie Brown LRPS.jpg

Tired Of Conversation by Robert Bracher ARPS.jpg

Toll Gavel Church by Stephen R Womack LRPS.jpg

Top Hat by Chris Harrison.jpg

Top Players by Stephanie Cook.jpg

Towards The City by Judy Knights LRPS.jpg

Tree On Limestone by Richard Lodge LRPS.jpg

Trees In The Sand by Sue Searle LRPS.jpg

Veils by Janet Haines ARPS Neth.jpg

Venice View by Mervyn Edwards LRPS.jpg

Veteran Car Run by Dan Bachmann.jpg

View of Somerset House by Alan Porter LRPS.jpg

Waiting At Baker Street by Roger Newark LRPS.jpg

Waiting by Les Welton LRPS.jpg

Watching Eyes by Barrie Brown LRPS.jpg

Watching The Paint Dry by Alan Dedman.jpg

Water Star Burst by Pauline Pentony ARPS.jpg

Weightlifter byy Stephanie Cook.jpg

Wet Rocks by Jeanne Bradban LRPS.jpg

What Did I Say by Dr Barry Senior HonFRPS.jpg

Where Are You Going by David Taylor LRPS.jpg

Wind Power by Eileen Wilkinson LRPS.jpg

Windy Tree by Dr Barry Senior HonFRPS.jpg

Winter Horse Racing by Valerii Tkachenko LRPS Ukr.jpg

Winter Travel by Malcolm Mcbeath ARPS.jpg

Winters Solitude by David Stephenson ARPS.jpg

Yellow Billed Stork With Nest Material by Malcolm Blackburn LRPS.jpg

Yolander and Co by Robert Bracher ARPS.jpg

Young Nuthatch by Graham Whistler FRPS.jpg

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