DG Bi-monthly competition entries - August 2018

An image for Pride Manchester by David Gleave LRPS

3 ladies by Ryan Hardman LRPS

Toilet attendant on a big red chair by Christopher Page

A Paris Banksy by Jean Jameson LRPS

A delicate balance by Carolyn Newton LRPS

Artist at work by David Taylor LRPS

At the races by Peter Mudd ARPS

Belfast backstreet by John Clare LRPS

Bring the Noise March by Stephen L Marsh

Canine Congratulations Race to the Stones by Margaret Salisbury FRPS

Caribbean Eatery Waterloo Road by David Pollard ARPS

Does my hand look like that by Glyn Powell Evans LRPS

Dump Trump Baby by Valerie Mather LRPS

England 2 Sweden 0 by Gordon Bates LRPS

English Summer by Bill Brooks LRPS

Evening Stroll by David Sage ARPS

FEMININE GRACE by Timothy Digby Lawson ARPS

Fish Market at Ciutadella by Carmel Morris ARPS

Follow Me by Malcolm English ARPS

Gemutliches Beisammensein by Tatas Brotosudarmo

Girl at the protest by Alison Swinburne

Grasmere girl celebrating Rush day by Roseanne Robinson

Guarding the Guards by Rob Kershaw ARPS

Lavender Fields by Dawn Clifford LRPS

Looking Back by John Gough LRPS

Low tide on the River Deban by John Walker LRPS

My Sternest Critic by Richard Ryder

Not so Dumb by Tim Walter LRPS

Owners Risk by Justin Miles Orwin ARPS

Protest confusion by Tim Hancock ARPS

Reflections by Peter Smith ARPS

Shadows by Rolf Kraehenbuehl

Sisters under the skin by Ian Tasker

Soho Nights by Mark Slater

Something Fishy Here by Patsy Southwell ARPS

Southbank Sunbather by Rupert Hitchcox LRPS

Student learns joinery by David Walter Collins LRPS

Summer in the city by Gerry Walden LRPS

The unfinished message by Maxine Simmonds

Through the hoops by David Pechey

Unhappy Feet by John Dilworth

Untangling Early Day Thoughts by Gavin McGuire

Uplifting by Lorraine Poole

We couldnt cross the French closed the border by Simon Maddison LRPS

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