DG Bi-monthly competition entries - June 2018

English Man Irish Pub French Town by Angus Stewart ARPS

The dovetail joint by David Walter Collins LRPS

Vaccines save lives by Bill Brooks LRPS

Catching the sun by Rolf Kraehenbuehl

The orphans by Christopher Osborne ARPS

An artists view by David Sage ARPS

An Eye for Quality by Geoff Walker

Beware Street Photographers by Patsy Southwell ARPS

Body Language by Tim Walter LRPS

Box room by John Kay

Cathedral Stonemason by Maureen Connelly LRPS

Chef Patrick plates up for the lunchtime rush by Gary Jones LRPS

Coexistence by Rob Kershaw ARPS

Covent Garden Magician by Dawn Clifford LRPS

Cubs sailing by John Clement Hunt ARPS

English picnic by Valerie Mather LRPS

Fish and chips by David Pechey

Fun Times at the Mad Hatters Tea Party by Lorraine Poole

G by Ryan Hardman

I am my city by Gerry Walden LRPS

Ice cream style by David Smith LRPS

Iron Shadows by John Gough LRPS

Kindertransport Memorial Berlin by Simon Maddison LRPS

Local Elections Day Walworth by David Pollard ARPS

No means no by Maxine Simmonds

Paris fire fighters prepare for callout by David Fletcher LRPS

Reflections and shadows Lower Thames Street by Stephen L Marsh

Rock n rolll wedding by Michael Colman

Save the tiger by Philip Joyce ARPS

Stations of the cross by Colleen Harvey

Street photographer by David Smith

Strong arms of the law at Brighton marathon by Chris Barbara ARPS

Super Heroes by Brian Etherington LRPS

The train now standing by Ian Tasker

Travellers St Pancras by John Eaton ARPS

Venice conflicting interests by Lynda Morris LRPS

Water dance by Jo Haycock

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