Mr Adrian Mcgarry

Born and raised in Manchester, UK, I now live in North Wales, enjoying coastal living and the endless photo opportunities that this wonderful region of natural beauty offers. 

My creative career has spanned over forty-five years, giving me experience in just about every aspect and level of the publishing industry. Now retired from the day-to-day pressures of business commerce, I invest my time in exploring new techniques and the overwhelming amount of creative possibilities in today's digital space. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and inspiring others to take the next steps on their image-making journey. Just as I’ve had the benefit of working alongside and learning from extremely talented individuals; from my early mentors to gifted collaborators on design and photography projects, I offer a programme of lectures, demonstrations and workshops that are always in demand.


“Your images are superb and I feel certain that they will be referenced well into the future within the club as a defining moment for digital art photography.”

— Nantwich Camera Club


My early work was centred around the creation of graphic design for brochures, catalogues and retail promotions. I gained valuable experience in marketing, print production, design and photography. Through my own company, I worked on projects for retailers, property developers, manufacturers, recruiters, galleries and business-to-business services. Although I had previously held senior management positions, running my own business gave me the opportunity to be hands-on in creative work for my clients. This gave me invaluable experience in a wide range of software and creative techniques whilst placing me behind a camera lens with increasing regularity. 

Inevitably, I've witnessed many changes in technology throughout my career and I’ve constantly adapted workflow and practices to keep apace with change. My introduction to the world of desktop publishing was way back in 1989. The company that I worked for embarked on a new digital workflow and Apple Mac computers were to be at its heart. Almost overnight, I found myself immersed in the digital revolution that was to forever change the creative and publishing trades whilst dominating my career path.

Those early days were spent learning and experimenting in software packages such as Aldus PageMaker, QuarkXPress and Adobe Photoshop. Personally, I began to experiment with photo art and develop my digital creative skills. A revolutionary product called Painter by Fractal Design (which later became Corel Painter) ignited my artistic endeavours. Although initially limited by processor speed and storage media (who remembers floppy disks?) there were no bounds to the inspiration and artistry promised by new digital possibilities. I realised that I had entered a world that held immense potential when it came to combining my photographic and artistic interests in a way that I had previously not thought possible.

Fast forward to March 2013 when the Royal Photographic Society awarded me an ARPS distinction; acknowledging my images of high creative, technical competence, and personal style. This distinction stands as one of my proudest career achievements. Additionally in 2017, I was given the status of 'Feature Artist' by Corel Painter®, the very software that originally energised my creativity more than twenty-five years earlier, as recognition of the work that I produce in this amazing digital paint software package. These two noteworthy career milestones are fitting affirmation of a successful creative journey in digital photo art.

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