Lord Alan Hood

I have always had a passion for capturing a moment in time, so you could remember exactly how you felt at that moment. I have been doing so since 1966. My parents bought me a camera for my 16th birthday. I soon realised how limited and restrictive an Instamatic 126 was. Try photographing The Red Arrows display with one!

A while later I got a Canon 35mm SLR. Then I swapped that SLR for another kind of SLR by enlisting in the Royal Air Force.

 I was asked by my friend who was a disc jockey in a top Leeds night club. I need some promotional photos.  I took them. He liked them so much, he showed them to his friends, who were in the same business. They asked me to photograph them, and showed their friends, and so on. A girl friend of one of the Disco manager’ asked me to take a model portfolio for her. She showed her friends… and so on.

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