Mr Andrew Kirby

Aspiring photographer, member of Marlow Camera Club and Thames Valley DIgital Imaging Group. Also a CACC Judge so you might see me around the clubs. 

I like making all sorts of images - challenging myself to do something a bit different to the camera-club norm. 

My philosophy is to get images "right" in-camera as far as possible rather than rely on a lot of post processing. I rarely use Photoshop and usually rely on Lightroom. I like things that are technically challenging.

I am a big advocate of printing and I like the fact that I can completely control the presentation of the image, whereas PDIs you're at the mercy of whatever is used to display the image. I also appreciate the detail and fidelity you can get in a good print.

Most recent works have been exploring and photographing abandonned sites in the former DDR. Many are being redeveloped now, so I am pleased to have been privelidged to photograph them. 

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