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Pocketmoney Photography was a little book, which I still have, that cost 25 pence when it was published back in the 1970s.

As the title suggests, it was aimed at young people showing you how to make your own photographs, develop and print them, without spending a fortune.

In those days there was a photography shop on the corner of Denmark Street in Bristol which many RPS members will remember well: Bromhead Photography.

Hastening to their door, I purchased all the chemicals, trays and paraphernalia needed to create a darkroom at home.

My first experiments in photography began in the sweltering heat of the attic of my parents' house.

I've always been interested in creative pursuits, music, poetry and art (all of which are similar to photography) but I'm also fascinated by technology.

All art involves some sort of technology, even if its just a pencil and this is especially true of photography.

Photography has technology at its heart but remains a creative pursuit and is open to subjective interpretation.

It's exciting to see the image appearing, as if by magic, on the paper or the screen but it's even more fun to take control of that process and use it creatively.

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