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Armando Jongejan FRPS (1960, Egmond aan Zee - The Netherlands) studied photography at the University of Applied Photography in Apeldoorn and he works as a freelance photographer. His photographic interest is landscape and documentary/contemporary photography. He want to o create a coherent body of work rather than a single photo.

Since 1989 Armando Jongejan have had several exhibitions in galleries and (photo)museums, fe: Hasselblad Image centre (1997) in Utrecht, OFF Photo Festival Naarden 2001, 2005 (group) and 2011 (solo), Museum of Photography Amsterdam (FOAM) (2005), Dutch Museum of Photography, Rotterdam (2008 and 2018), the Photography Museum of China in Lishui (2010), Photo Gallery Fenton House in Bath - England (2012) and also in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy and Spain. 

Since 1996 Armando has published six photographic books: ‘Egmondse dorpsportretten’ (Villagers of Egmond), ‘Van binnenuit’ (From the inside), ‘Licht uit, deur op slot’ (Switch off the light, close the door), ‘Een zoektocht’  (A quest). 'Thuiskomen' (Coming home) and 'Monnikenleven' (Monks' life). 

A number of printing on demand books is published too.

Armando is a member of the Benelux Chapter and the Contemporary Group.
He gave for example lectures in the The Hague Museum of Photography (NL), Museum of Photography Antwerp (B) and during a tour in Autumn 2014 in Scotland and is on regular base a judge for international Salons. 
Since 2017 ​Armando is also Distinction Panel Member of Conceptual and Contemporary Photography. 

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