Mr Arthur Smith-Weston

When studying an Internet web design course, in 2001 I was introduced to the techniques of Photoshop, As  a qualified Artist I was drawn to Photoshop as a medium that I could use to express my art.
Going forward studying photography to A level and receiving an “A” I was accepted to the Royal Photographic Society as a Licentiate member.
I have a passion for all forms of photography from Fox Talbot’s invention of the negative right through to digital enhancements of the photographic image using both dark room and digital methods.
Restoring images for over a decade, I am also known for, High Definition Range images, Chroma Key, and digital image manipulation.
Having studied the subject of “Innovation and design in the twenty first century” (Open University U101) I have experience of several techniques of photo and graphic mediums and techniques.
I have recently opened a photographic studio offering services from portrait, family and pet photo shoots.
As a former Conference and Banqueting events manager I have a lot of transferable skills to bring to Events photography in particular Weddings.

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