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I have been fascinated by  photography for a long time. Since my early childhood, I wanted to create art, images, stories… The story begins about 25 years ago when I first entered a photo lab, which belonged to my father's friend. I was fascinated by how pictures came to life using just paper and chemical ingredients and I am still bewitched! As my father noticed my passion for photography, he surprised me one day with my first camera,  a Zenith – E, 36 mm film camera which I still have. I felt such a thrill! I fell in love with the possibility to stop moments in time, to capture a second from my life and keep it forever.

I have always been a natural student of human behaviour, so I started with portraits and street photography. I had my fair share of out-of-focus shots and near misses, but the satisfaction of being out there and witnessing life through my camera lens was indescribable. At that time, I discovered Henri Cartier-Bresson work. Also, I was blessed with good teachers, which helped me to become more conscious about where my photographic interests were heading.

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