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I am constantly looking to find new ways to spark my creativity. I am hoping joining the RPS will be one of them. I have found that to capture great shots requires a constant motivation to search for new approaches. Envisioning, composing and processing new images is an ever ending, but incredibly rewarding journey of creative discovery. My own love affair with a photography started back at the tender age of 13. Since then, the technical nature of photography has transformed image creation. However, I believe what constitutes a great image has never changed.

I believe creative photography, rather than being diluted in the digital age has blossomed. The opportunities to express unique visual perspectives through images are now more diverse and exciting than ever before. Photography remains neither solely an art nor a science. It has its feet firmly planted in both camps. Whilst you have to fully appreciate and master the technical aspects of your kit and the various processing techniques, without an appreciation of the nature of light, and composition, you are unlikely to create inspiring images.


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Digital Imaging, Landscape, Travel


Digital Imaging, Landscape, Travel

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