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After a 25+ year career in data processing with the Oil and Gas industry as well as being bored with an early retirement, I decided to take my photographic hobby to a higher level. I turned to the schools with outreach programs and achieved certificates in Photography.


Alberta is blessed with some of the most scenic views and virile wildlife in our unique ecology where mountains meet the prairies. Tragically, encroachment, climate change, urban sprawl, and pollution are resulting in a rapid decline of habitat that supports the biodiversity in our wildlife species. The imaging of habitat and the concept of being able to portray the emotions I feel of the area as I experience the beauty and peace in the area is important. The goal of ecological photography is to assist in the understanding of nature through showing the natural environment in my photographs.


My interest in Nature and concern for animals at risk in Canada, lead me to use these ecological concerns, to make images to show the beauty and diversity in Southern Alberta, Canada. My goal in ecological photography becomes the method to use photographic images to assist understanding our natural environment and making it accessible to everyone through photography.


As photographers, our images of Nature are all the more important to promote education and understanding in the desire for protection of our wilderness diversity.


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Calgary Camera Club

Canadian Association of Photographic Arts

Foothills Camera Club

Photographic Society Of America

Prairie Region of Photographic Arts

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Archaeology and Heritage, Digital Imaging, Visual Art


Archaeology and Heritage, Digital Imaging, Visual Art