Mr Ishmael Annobil

I am a London-based photographer, poet, journalist, graphic designer, and filmmaker, inspired by contemporary society; its cultural overlaps, processes, and visual glories. I have an undying love for realism, social consciousness, and the purity of the frozen moment.

I view photography as the capture of the flux of humanity and nature, especially the split-second adjustments things and beings make in order to survive, such as a blink.

I was born in Ghana in the heydays, and fell in love with photography while working on the national newspaper, Daily Graphic. There was something grand about the black and white photos taken by the staff photographers. I was also surprised by the way they drew me closer to the subjects, and caused me to ponder them long afterwards.

I use a vast number of cameras from all periods, including rangefinders such as Canon QL17 and Kiev 4M. My favourite cameras of all time are the Rollei 35S, EXA 1c, Voigtlander Bessa R, and Nikon FM2. I avoid flash at all costs, because natural or available light traces contours more dramatically, and determines a deeper visual narrative. Film is my natural ally, but I am able to achieve equal depth with the digital medium.

I run, an international arts journal, and Stonedog Productions, a filmmaking collective, from my flat in Camden Town, London. I am presently working on a monograph of my night photography. My books include Seven Horn Elegy (poetry), Ethiop (poetry), and Abetei (emblems).

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