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Discovered photography in December, 2010. I have always enjoyed walking in the countryside. My dog had passed away and I was down in the dumps. My Dear wife persuaded me too go to the shops as I had been talking about acquiring a camera for some time. It will give you something to do whilst out walking. I came back with a Canon DSLR 550D. I took some photos(looking back they were not very good) in a local park and was amazed at the quality especially as I had not got a clue how the camera had produced them. I felt a bit of a cheat. With that I called into a second hand camera shop in Manchester. An Aladdins cave of a place.  I said,  'I'm taking these photos with this camera but I do not know how they are being produced'. The chap was a little like a male Auntie Wainwright in that you do not leave the shop without buying something. Firstly, he said that a flashy camera does not mean a thing it is the fool stood behind it that counts. He sold me a set of eagle bellows, two old M42 mount lenses, an M42/Adaptor and gave me one hours instruction, macro, reversing lenses. The inter connection between ISO, Aperture and Exposure. I was hooked and have never looked back. 

My wife and I went for a bite to eat at the Crimble Restaurant in Heywood a few weeks ago and upon entering the building noticed a Blue Plaque referring to Roger Fenton the founder member of the London Photographic Society later to become the Royal Photographic Society. He was resident only a mile or so, as the crow flies from our home. He photographed soldiers involved in the Crimean War. The first War Photographer. I appreciate that this fact does not make my photography any better :-)). I mention it because it helped me to proudly join the Society.


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