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It has taken me a little time to do this but I am pleased to say that, after 2 and half years, I was awarded my LRPS past October (2017). Over the 2+ years I attended a couple of advisory days and 3 assessments. I did get somewhat despondent over the period and even replaced 7 or 8 images in my first assessment panel (not something I would recommend) My 2nd Assessment included a dispute which required a a 20 minute private discussion between the judges and culminated in a referral – associated with a single image. I sadly and frustratingly failed this but was invited to return one more time with that single image replaced. The final assessment was very brief but decisive. Victory at last. I am 67 years old and I am a casual and amateur photographer. I own a Lumix GX8 with a number of lenses, I also use a Lumix TZ100. I look forwards to continuing with my efforts



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