Mr Mark Mumford

I am a Digital Artist, an Artist, Illustrator, Graphic Designer and Photographer living in West Wales. I specialise in creating wonderful surreal digital images using only my photographs and my skill manipulating images in Photoshop. I have been described as a master of my craft and probably the best digital artist working in Wales, I don't know about that but am pretty good with Photoshop.

Although I am now retired I spends a lot of time creating new surreal works and giving talks and workshops to camera clubs around the country. 

My talks are about my artistic background and how it has influenced my work today.  My surreal work has a distinct style which is primarily landscape photography but with slight hints of Dali, Bosch, Bacon and MC Escher.  My work is somewhat different compared to other surreal digital artists, you will be amazed by my images and my imagination.

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