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Hello! I’m Martin Wace – I have a great passion for, and get huge enjoyment from photography.

Martin Wace

I have more years of involvement in photography and imaging than I care to remember! From ‘ordinary’ photography to various forms of astronomical imaging (sky imaging and stellar spectra capture), I’ve gained a lot of valuable experience.

I constantly work to improve my photography in order to provide a better service to clients. To this end, I’m rarely without a camera so I can take every opportunity to extend my knowledge and experience – I love learning and I have no intention of missing any learning opportunity.

Somewhere back in my history my main interests leaned toward the sciences – primarily physics and astronomy – and I studied Astrophysics at Queen Mary College (University of London) back in the 197….. hmmm… let’s just say long, long ago!!

In pre-digital days I processed my own films and have a lot of darkroom experience (even with glass plates for astronomical imaging). In those days I used Practika and Olympus cameras (amongst others).

Thankfully digital photography came along and with it an exciting and vastly more flexible new way of working.

I very much enjoy learning, experimenting and exploring new avenues in order to improve my photography – both for my own satisfaction and to provide a better service to my customers.

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