Mr Mike Osborne

Born and raised on the sunny Isle of Wight, Mike has been photographing a range of subjects and genres for more than seventeen years.

After graduating from the Arts University Bournemouth with an FdA in Commercial Photography in 2010, Mike returned to the Isle of Wight, and alongside his ‘day job’ as a web designer, has been photographing commercial work for individuals and small businesses both on the Island and in London.

Mike has had work published in various publications including the Isle of Wight County Press Fashion and Beauty supplement, Yachts and Yachting, Singletrack MTB Magazine, and the National Trust.

Recently Mike has returned to the subject he started out photographing – landscapes – but with his is own unique style and look producing a range of work that stands out from the more traditional views, as well as documenting the ever-changing landscape, environment and way of life on and around the Isle of Wight.

Recently Mike has started to look into the theory behind photography, and alongside art history has started another website - -

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