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I'm a long term hobbyist photographer. I first picked up an Kodak Instamatic 33 in the 1970s and was hooked. I borrowed cameras until I could save enough school dinner money to buy my first SLR - a Cosina CT1A (in part because it had the Pentax K-mount and my older brother had a Ricoh KR5 and then a Pentax ME Super II and lenses I thought I might borrow - wrong!!).

I struggle to identify myself with a genre, although I really want to explore portraiture. I've been too shy and too unconfident to do more of this until recently (isn't mid-life crisis a wonderful thing).

I've joined the RPS because I am in awe of the work produced by its members and maybe if I am part of the crowd, a little magic might rub off on me. I'm probably naturally more technical than artistic, but so was Kevin Keegan. I forget many of the big names that have enthralled me over the years; they include John Swannell, Helmut Newton, David LaChapelle, Ansel Adams, but also thousands of nameless amateurs and professionals whose work has just been so captivating for me.

I live in North Wales near Holywell. I welcome contact, feedback and advice.

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