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What attracts me to take a photograph, is a fascination with the way the appearance of something changes as the light moves across it.

Photography for me is about how light falls on things and how to affect the amount and angles at which it arrives - capturing a moment when a texture or pattern emerges, that may never occur again.

A big influence is the portrayal of light by great painters: Vermeer, Dali or Hopper handle light in ways that make me want to take pictures.

Within the wider interest in light, I also see sub-themes emerge in my work: derelict or abandoned buildings crop up repeatedly, often driven by an interest in the stories they tell and by strong family roots in Ireland, where empty houses and cottages seem to grow organically out of the ground at the same time as they decay back into it, casting shadows of the lives of the people who lived in them.

I don't really like to title my photographs - other than strictly factual labels to enable catalogue identification - I want to avoid influencing the viewers' own reactions and interpretations: hopefully they will see the movement of light over the subject and experience the same delight and awe that I did when I took the photograph and then go on their own journey within the photograph.

Peter Steedman         October 2016

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