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Self-employed and lives in Swansea, South Wales. Rhys is a photographer videographer researcher and visual artist who specialises in performance and working with artists from all disciplines - writers, fine artists, poets, copywriters and dancers. Rhys is very keen to attract young people, people with any sort of disability- physical or mental and those on a low income into the RPS. Rhys gained his LRPS in 2003 and ARPS in 2010. Rhys holds a postgraduate degree : MA University of Wales Trinity St David 2010 Photography- Contemporary Dialogues Programme. Member of the National Union of Journalists and holds an NUJ Press Pass as a Freelance Photographer and has worked at a number of major festivals e.g Hay-on-Wye Literature Festivals, Llangollen International Eisteddfod and Stockholm, Sweden Folk Music Festival ( Visfestival). Rhys was Elected Secretary and Regional Committee Member of the RPS South Wales Region at the Regional AGM held in Nov 2017. 

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