Mr Simon Leach

Photographing people, environments and lifestyle. I have a passion for visual imagery and communication. Inspired by and addicted to light; elegance, simplicity and sophistication are core concepts. Creating photographs that are refined and tactile. 
I wish to hold your attention for a moment. Ideas alone are not enough for me, I maximise the technical apsects of the medium and all the tools at a photographer's disposal. The photographer should take control; the 'eye'; the observation should be that of the photographer, not of the camera.

Beyond the camera I take an active interest in the practical application of creators rights and have participated in a number of consultation activities. I am active in the societies distinctions process. I also present workshops, seminars and lectures. In addition I value the process of mentoring and have worked with photographers and other creatives, both individually and in small groups. 

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South Wales

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