Member Offers

As part of your membership we offer various discounts on supplies and products from our Corporate Patrons and other associated companies. These are exclusive to you as an RPS member...

Full details of discount codes and links can be found in the Notices section of My RPS.

The following are currently available:

  • Photography magazine subscription offers - Future Publishing is offering a special subscription offer for members of The Society. With a range of fantastic photography titles to choose from, there is sure to be a magazine to suit you! Subscribe today to get these exclusive offers, and receive your first 3 issues of these magazines for just £5. Every issue comes with a packed videodisc, featuring hours of expert tutorials. 

  • Camera Insurance - The Society, in conjunction with Towergate Camerasure (UK members only).  Available to both amateur and professional members of The Society. Professional members will also benefit from professional indemnity and public liability components. As a member of The RPS, you can now gain access to exclusive discounts and cover enhancements that are not available as standard. Cover can include accidental damage, accidental loss, open theft of equipment including theft from unattended vehicles, public and employers’ liability and much more. To get a quote and full details click here

  • Nomad – Members are entitled to a 10% discount on Portfolios purchased from Nomad.  

  • Clifton Cameras – Members can receive a 5% discount on Tripods, Filters, Memory Cards, Bags and Straps. RPS Members who spend over £1000 in a single transaction will be entitled to a £50 gift voucher towards their next purchase.  Click here for terms and conditions. 

  • English Heritage – RPS Members are entitled to 15% discount across all categories of English Heritage annual membership. The discount applies for new and renewing memberships.
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Philip Field

What The Society has done for me

Vol. 155 No. 3 RPS Journal March 2015

Philip Field LRPS explains how membership of The Royal Photographic Society has given his photography, and confidence, an invaluable boost.

Mar 2015
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