Monthly Competition

17 June 2014


There are just under two weeks left to enter our free Monthly Competition!

The theme this month is Sport.  You can find information and a link to submit images on the competition website here.

Close to Home
- Enter images taken within one mile of your home - See more at:

Last month's theme was Street.  You can view the selected winners here.

Just for fun, we've chosen some fantastic images uploaded to My RPS albums that contain the word 'street' in the title.  Click on each image below to view the full portfolio:

Hong Kong by Paul Green
'Hong Kong 10'
by Paul Green

Tokyo by Paul Green
'Tokyo 2'
by Paul Green

Upfest by Paul Green
'Upfest 3'
by Paul Green

Threes a crowd by David Trout
'Three's a Crowd'
by David Trout
David Wareing ARPS
'No. 4 from ARPS Distinctions Panel'
by David Wareing
Jennifer Lam
' Refugee: Bound Body & Soul #8
by Jennifer Lam
Malcolm Lee ARPS
'Taylor Street San Francisco'
by Malcolm Lee ARPS

Alison McCauley ARPS
'No. 13 from ARPS Distinctions Panel'
by Alison McCauley ARPS

Michelle Chaplow LRPS
'Street Life New Delhi'
by Michelle Chaplow LRPS

Arwel Roberts
'Afternoon Nap'
by Arwel Roberts
Doug Berndt
'Mind the Gap'
by Doug Berndt 
Paul Joyce
'Into the Light'
by Paul Joyce

Main image:
brise soleil
'Cleaning in Progress' by
Spyridon Gennatas
Spyridon Gennatas.  Spyridon was a winner in the Street theme Monthly Competition.
Linda Wride

brise soleil