NOW Chinese female contemporary artists

05 January 2018


Art galleries across the UK are celebrating female contemporary artists working in China now. Through a series of exhibitions, commissions and events, NOW explores how the diversity of current female artistic practice transcends notions of gender difference to offer hybrid perspectives on their socio-political environment.

NOW will take place across the UK at: Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (Manchester); Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art (Middlesbrough); Nottingham Contemporary (Nottingham) and Turner Contemporary (Margate). There will also be an artist film series at HOME (Manchester) and a symposium hosted by Tate Research Centre: Asia (London).

This collaborative programme - including new commissions and first UK showings - features art work from Na Buqi (b. 1984), Wu Chao (b. 1977), Ye Funa (b. 1986), Yang Guangnan (b. 1980), Ma Qiusha (b. 1982), Li Shurui (b. 1981), Luo Wei (b. 1989), Hu Xiaoyuan (b. 1977) Shen Xin (b. 1990) Yin Xiuzhen (b. 1963) Duan Jianyu (b. 1970) and Geng Xue (b. 1983).

Featured artists in the film series include Hao Jingban (b. 1985), Shiyuan Liu (b. 1985), Wang NewOne (b. TBC), Yao Qingmei (b. 1982), Ma Qiusha (b. 1982), Liu Yi (b. 1981), Chi Jang Yin (b. 1973), Miao Ying (b. 1985), Liang Yue (b. 1979), Peng Yun (b. 1982), Guan Xiao (b. 1983), Hu Xiaoyuan (b.1977), Wang Xin (1983) and Geng Xue (b. 1983).

In the history of modern and contemporary Chinese art, female artists have long been marginalised and left at the fringes of art historical debate. This under-representation was challenged in the 1990s by an emerging artistic trend termed ‘women’s art’ and artistic practices started to deal with concepts such as feminism. Although this provided a platform for female artists, it soon revealed certain constrictions and limitations, marginalising female artistic practice to more conservative representations and ideas, such as femininity.

Here, the variety of artworks reflects the many viewpoints of artists in the wake of feminist movements of the past. The aim of this collaborative programme is to re-open a dialogue on the way female artists are positioning themselves now and to explore the complex and multifaceted influence of gender categorisation upon their creative process. Furthermore it considers how the rapid transformations of contemporary China have provided new opportunities and possibilities for female artists to take advantage of transcultural opportunities.

NOW is co-organised by Plus Tate, the China Central Academy of Fine Arts and the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art in collaboration with HOME, Manchester; Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art; Nottingham Contemporary and Turner Contemporary, Margate. The programme is sponsored by the China National Arts Fund and supported by British Council, China

Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (CFCCA),
16 February - 29 April 2018 Featured artists: Na Buqi (b.1984), Wu Chao (b. 1977), Yang Guangnan (b. 1980), Li Shurui (b.1981), Luo Wei (b.1989), Hu Xiaoyuan (b. 1977) and Geng Xue (b. 1983).

Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art (MIMA), 
17 February - 3 June 2018
Featured artists: Ma Qiusha (b. 1982), Shen Xin (b. 1990)

Nottingham Contemporary,
 17 February – 4 March 2018
Featured artists: Ye Funa (b. 1986)

Turner Contemporary,
21 February - 2 September 2018
Featured artist: Yin Xiuzhen (b. 1963)


Moving Image Programme.
Volume 1: Thursday 15 February 2018.
Volume 1: Monday 19 March 2018. 
Featured artists: Wang NewOne (b. TBC), Yao Qingmei (b. 1982), Ma Qiusha (b. 1982), Chi Jang Yin (b. 1973), Miao Ying (b. 1985), Peng Yun (b. 1982) and Hu Xiaoyuan (b.1977).

Volume 2: Monday 26 March 2018.
Featured artists: Hao Jingban (b. 1985), Shiyuan Liu (b. 1985), Liu Yi (b. 1981), Liang Yue (b. 1979), Guan Xiao (b. 1983), Wang Xin (1983) and Geng Xue (b. 1983).

Tate Research Centre: Asia,
Symposium date: 22 February 2018

Image: Wang NewOne, Hive, 2017. Image courtesy of Madein Gallery.