RPS Benelux Chapter Meeting in Clervaux

27 October 2015

Chapter: Benelux

The meeting on 17 October was preceded by a dinner in Clervaux on Friday evening for the participants who were already present. This was followed by a guided tour of the Family of Man Exhibition in Clervaux Castle on the Saturday morning.

The meeting was called to order after lunch by the Chapter Organizer, R. Sylvester. There were 14 participants, 5 from Belgium, 2 from Luxembourg, and 7 from The Netherlands, including guests. The meeting started with presentations by two Chapter members, Frank Geraedts and Didier Verriest, who recently obtained their ARPS Distinctions. They presented images from their work and explained the pathway leading to their distinction. This was followed by the presentation of images by Roland Ries and Andre Meyer-Vitali who were seeking advice for putting together panels for an ARPS Distinction.

The following topics were then discussed during the business meeting:

RPS Benelux Chapter Web Page

Tony Roe has taken on the role of webmaster for the RPS Benelux Chapter website:


Members are encouraged to contribute to the website, especially photos for the rolling bar of images on the home page (which must be sent to the RPS HQ in Bath) and photos for member galleries which members can upload after logging in to their My RPS account and My Profile page.

The website is important for the visibility of the Chapter and for promoting its activities and newsletter. The galleries are a starting point for getting together member’s images for future events that are being planned.

RPS Benelux Chapter Newsletter

Simon Williams has agreed to co-edit the Newsletter together with Armando Jongejan and will do the Newsletter layout based on a template that he is developing.

Members are encouraged to provide material for the website: photos, tutorials, information about future events and meetings, future ideas, etc. The deadline for submission of material for the next issue is 1 December.

Future Activities

A Distinctions Advisory Day is scheduled to be held in Brussels on Saturday, 13 February 2016. Chapter members are encouraged to publicize this event in their area.

An RPS Benelux Chapter meeting is scheduled to be held in s’Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands, on Saturday, 16 or 23 April. The local organizer is Frank Geraedts.

Other future activities that are under discussion include a Chapter print on demand book, a Chapter photo book, a Chapter Exhibition in Bath followed by a “travelling exhibition” at different sites in the Benelux countries and photo competitions with other chapters.

In order to increase Chapter membership, we need to increase our presence at local meetings and activities within the Benelux. The Benelux Chapter can promote the RPS through the organization of various activities in the Benelux:

  • Exhibitions
  • Mentoring and peer review of portfolios
  • Visits to and holding of Chapter meetings in photo museums
  • Liaisons with other clubs within the Benelux

In order to attract new members, a list of the advantages and added value of becoming an RPS member will be put together.

The meeting then came to a close. However, activities continued in the city of Luxembourg with a Saturday night dinner and Sunday morning photo walk for those members who could prolong their stay.

Thanks to Simon Hauxwell who was the local organizer. It was a very enjoyable and successful meeting and a good time was had by all.

Richard Sylvester, LRPS

Chapter Organizer

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Michael Pritchard
07 January 2016

It looks like it was a very successful meeting. Thank you for posting the blog.

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