Foto Fair nl

08 June 2016

Chapter: Benelux

On the weekend of May 28/29th the RPS were represented at the Foto Fair nl - an exhibition set in the grounds of the Safari Park at Beekse Bergen, Hilvarenbeek, Netherlands.   

The event was a lively affair with the organisers estimating on saturday alone that there had been some 10,000 visitors.  Saturday was certainly the busier of the two days, so overall there were possibly 16,000 visitors over the weekend.  
Quite reasonably the Royal Photographic Society does not have the brand recognition that might be the case at a similar UK based exhibition.  But enough people were interested to know more, so the four RPS representatives valiantly endeavoured to give them a quick over view of the Society and the benefits of being a member.  
Despite the offer of a 20% discount on Year 1 membership it was a tough ‘sell’.  But by the end of the weekend we had recruited 7 new RPS members and collected a list of 22 individual names and email address where they said they would be interested in knowing more about our meetings.  If we can get even a fraction of the 22 to come along and slowly get to know us, then it is our aim to recruit them in the longer term.  
This work was undertaken for the financial benefit of the Society at large.  The Benelux Chapter would hope that the individuals will join them at our local meetings, but more importantly that each will enjoy their new membership of the Royal Photographic Society, that they will embrace everything that is on offer and hopefully gain knowledge, friendship and support as we all improve our photography.