4th Volunteer Week Announcement

04 June 2019

Region: Headquarters

We’re pleased to bring you a new tool to be able to share your venues, speakers and suppliers contacts with each other to help make organising your activities easier.

The Standing Committees Representatives recommended this resource for you at the last meeting on the 23/3/19 and therefore it’s thanks to them we’ve created it. We will send them an email this week with the link to the online excel workbook, as it is a resource exclusively for volunteer teams and will contain data that will require consent.

The resource contains the following pages to map your contacts on to:

  • UK Venue Contacts
  • International Venues
  • Speaker Contacts
  • Supplier Contacts

We hope that volunteer teams embrace this resource both in populating it now and in the future, so that there’s a growing database for you to all utilise. Any feedback you have to improve it is most welcome, please email naomi@rps.org with any suggestions you have.

Image copyright - Macrovector_official - www.freepik.com