AGM & Exhibition Selection

The results of the 2017 Annual Exhibition Selection can be found here.

Our 2017 Annual Exhibition Selection Day and AGM will be held on Sunday 9th April in Foxton Village Hall, Foxton, Cambridgeshire CB22 6RN.

Below are a number of documents available for you to download.  Where possible, please use the "Adobe Reader" version of the forms, but please be aware that you will need to go "Right-Click" followed by "Save Link As..." in order to make local copies of the files.  

Full instructions for how to prepare digital images can be found in the Rules, and details for how to insert metadata into your files can be found here.

Please note: This is an early notice of the AGM and the documents listed will be available here as sooon as they have been finalised.

AGM Important Documents

Regional Accounts 2016/2017  =  Accounts

Regional Organisers Report  =  Report

Minutes from AGM 2016  =  Minutes

Agenda for AGM 2017  =  Agenda

Exhibition Entry

(Adobe Reader version)  =  Entry Form A

(Printer friendly version)  =  Entry Form P

Exhibition Rules

Exhibition Entry Rules  =  Rules

Entering Exif Data  =  ExifData

AGM Nomination 

(Adobe Reader version)  =  Nomination Form A

(Printer friendly version)  =  Nomination Form P

A copy of our latest newletter can be downloaded from the Regional Newsletters page.